Jamie Harris (former world record holder in bench press)    I was involved in a car accident and was having severe neck and back pain which affected me at work and when lifting weights. Dr. Rupert showed me the arthritis in my neck and how the whiplash was causing the pain and weakness in my arm.  He started treating me and within a couple of weeks I was feeling better than before the accident. I highly recommend Dr. Rupert.

David B.    I was doing deadlifts in the gym and felt some pulling and pain in my low back. It wasn't going away so I went to see Dr. Rupert.  He adjusted my back and neck with a special chiropractic table and used a few other therapies including traction on my low back.  I started feeling better after the first treatment.  I was back to lifting weights in 2 weeks.  I still get adjusted every month and stretch every day.  Dr. Rupert helped me and I would recommend him.

Shayla W.    While lifting weights I turned and felt pain in my low back.  My mother told me to go see Dr. Rupert because he helped her and they accept our insurance.  His office staff was nice and they seemed interested in helping me.  The first time he adjusted my back, there was a lot of cracking and started feeling better immediately.  He told me it would take a couple of weeks to resolve and restore the normal range of motion. I feel 100% better now thanks to Dr. Rupert and Rupert Chiropractic Clinic.

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